Who Can You Trust in Bethesda to Help You With Your Hearing?

Imagine a world without sound, or only garbled sounds. You’d miss a lot! Imagine what you’d miss hanging out with friends, having dinner with your family, playing with your kids or grandkids—even hearing the birds in your yard. 

Which is why we are committed to helping you improve your hearing and get more out of life.

Hearing plays such a crucial role in your overall health and well-being – from helping to prevent dementia to keeping you connected to your family. We are dedicated to restoring your ability to hear. Meet Bethesda Audiology Center’s team.

Meet the Team

Aurion Dwyer, Au.D., FAAA Doctor of Audiology

Aurion Dwyer, Au.D., FAAA

Doctor of Audiology

Aurion Dwyer, Au.D., FAAA is a board-certified Doctor of Audiology with over 25 years of experience. She graduated from The College of New Jersey with a B.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences, received her Master of Science degree from the University of Maryland, and her Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

Her clinical experience includes hearing and balance assessments in ENT and hospital settings, pediatric audiology at Georgetown, and the management and implementation of the Hearing Conservation program at Fort Meade Army Base.

The art of hearing aid fitting has always been a special interest. Providing this service to her patients allows her to really get to know her patients and their families and to address their concerns and make a positive impact in their lives.

Pam Conley Office Manager

Pam Conley

Office Manager

To say that Pam goes above and beyond the call of duty is a huge understatement. Her warm and welcoming presence makes all patients feel at home with a sense that they would like to stay awhile just to chat.

She is a fountain of knowledge; in the rare instance that you have a question she cannot answer, she will make it her personal mission to find all the information you need. You can be sure you will be greeted with a smile and genuine pleasure when she sees you. She has been with this practice for over 10 years and we could not function without her.
Cathy Peters Patient Care Coordinator

Cathy Peters

Patient Care Coordinator

Cathy has worked in healthcare for 21 years within the Southern Maryland Hospital Group where she created lifelong personal connections with many doctors, staff, and patients in the Southern Maryland area.

She greets people warmly and provides excellent customer service that stems from her natural care for each person.